Current School Goals

​​Strategic Ren​​ewal Plans

Priority 1​​: Mission and Religious Education

Goals for ​​2013 - 2016

  • Provide a quality Religious Education curriculum.
  • Provide ongoing formation in spirituality for staff and students.
  • Provide an ongoing cohesive and integrated professional learning for staff in religious education, theology and Catholic social teachings.
  • Participation in an active worshipping community.
  • Policies, programs and practice explicitly articulate the nature and purpose of Catholic schooling

​​​Actions f​or 2013

  • Begin familiarization of new RE curriculum with staff.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the Fruits of the Spirit in all classes and within the community.
  • Introduce the Fruit of the Spirit Award.
  • Develop an outdoor prayer space.
  • Continue staff participation in Catching Fire program.
  • Provide PD opportunities for staff. 

Priority ​​​2: Learning and Teaching

Goals​ for 2013-2016

  • Promote enhanced pedagogical practice that is data-informed.
  • Implementation of the Australian Curriculum within the context of BCE Learning Framework as a means of realizing equity and excellence.
  • Improved literacy and numeracy standards.
  • Learning and teaching environments are adaptive and responsive to the changing structure of schooling.
  • Whole-school approach to pastoral care, student behavior support, protection of students support and foster social and emotional well-being.
  • Strategic planning for the identification, monitoring and improved education outcomes for all students.
  • Leadership team and classroom teachers have well developed capacities to utilize ICLT’s to improve teaching and learning. 

Actions for ​2013

  • Staff development in Reading to Learn program; implementation of numeracy action learning project; participation in Science research project.
  • Introduce Australian Curriculum History and Science, while continuing implementation of English and Mathematics.
  • Develop whole-school approach to pastoral care.
  • Third phase of SWPBS, focusing on in class behavior.
  • Class profiling to inform planning for students.
  • Review of IEP process. 

Priority 3​​: Professional Practive and Collaborative Relationships

Goals fo​r ​2013-2016

  • Partnership with clergy and parish groups.
  • Partnership with parents.
  • Coordinated approach to staff well-being and development.
  • Provide leadership development and succession planning.
  • Development of professional learning communities within the school and across the wider BCEO community.
  • Develop partnerships with universities and institutions.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and productive environment for students, staff and community.
  • Maintain consultative and collaborative partnerships with BCEO. 

Actions for ​​​2​013

  • Continue to foster positive relationship with the parish through worship, involvement in parish council and participation in special days.
  • Introduce role of Student welfare worker.
  • Introduce Spirit Care network.
  • Annual goal setting for staff, including aspiration towards leadership.
  • Establish learning communities around Reading to Learn, Mathematics, History, Gifted and Talented and Profiling.
  • Participation in RMIT Problem Solving research project.
  • Continue WHSO audits and practices. 

Priority 4: Stra​tegic Resourcing

Goals for 20​13​-2016

  • Allocation of school resources are guided by the principle of stewardship within the strategic renewal plan.
  • Collaboration in budget and allocation of resources.
  • Provision of staff PD within budget.
  • Resourcing decisions and priorities support financial accessibility of families.
  • Information and learning management systems enhance student and staff engagement with learning, teaching and school operations.
  • Sustainable environmental practices are embedded in all processe​s.
  • Contemporary learning approaches inform the planning, design and use of facilities. 

Actions for​​ 2013

  • Consultation as to priorities with parents and staff.
  • Process for application for concession circulated to all families.
  • Introduction of SRS and continuation of work with eMinerva and Dynamix.
  • Plan Nude Food Days, collection of litter and recycling of materials.
  • Upgrade of Library, Specialist areas, Learning Support and Prayer Space.
  • Purchase ICT resources.​​