Current School Goals

​​Priority One

Strong Catholic Identity: Strengthe​n capacity to lead, engage and teach with a re-contextualised Catholic world-view within each school and office community.

  • 1:1: By the end of 2019, we will have developed a Spiritual Formation plan that caters for the formation of the individual as well as contributing to the Spiritual growth of the collective community at Holy Spirit.

Priority Two

Excellent Learning and Teaching: Grow engagement, progress, achievement and wellbeing for each student.
  • 2:1:By the end of 2019, 75% of students in each year level from Years 3-6 will achieve a 20 or above on at least one of their writing samples on the Writing Analysis. ​
  • 2:2: By the end of 2019, all students in Prep -2 are making significant progress in reading. Teachers are responding to identified student needs through the use of expected and effective practices.

Priority Three

Building a Sustainable Future:
(a) Build sustainability through people and capability
(b) Ensure stewardship of resources with transparency, accountability and compliance.

  • 3:1: By the end of 2019, Phase 3 of Whole School Building and Maintenance Plan will be planned and implemented 
  • 3:2: By the end of 2019, Holy Spirit Staff will have written the school Flexible Learning Plan and begun implementation through the introduction of pedagogy and the purchasing of furniture.