Current School Goals

​​​Priority One

Strong Catholic Identity: 

Strengthe​n capacity to lead, engage and teach with a re-contextualised Catholic world-view within each school and office community.

  • 1:1: By the end of 2020, the teaching staff will have embedded the Catholic perspective through the Health Curriculum so that Strong Catholic Identity will begin to be incorporated in planning, learning and teaching at Holy Spirit School.

Priority Two

Excellent Learning and Teaching: 

Grow engagement, progress, achievement and wellbeing for each student.
  • 2:1:By the end of 2020, teachers will have a greater understanding of the Science and Technology Curriculum areas so that effective curriculum and pedagogical planning occurs in these areas.
  • 2:2: By the end of 2020, Holy Spirit School will meet the BCE Student Learning targets in reading and writing.

Priority Three

Building a Sustainable Future:

(a) Build sustainability through people and capability;
(b) Ensure stewardship of resources with transparency, accountability and compliance.

  • 3:1: By the end of 2020, Holy Spirit School will fully implement the school Teacher Performance and Development Plan to support teacher practice through reflective practices, goal setting and professional learning;
  • 3:2: By the end of 2020, Holy Spirit School will develop a School Master Plan for Facilities and Resources for Holy Spirit for 2020-2025.