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​‘Targeting Reading, Children Succeeding’

We are excited to see so many of our prep children engaging with reading. We are encouraging our parents and caregivers to make a regular time for reading every day with all children, regardless of their age.
This week’s reading tips:
  • Enjoy the material with your child.
  • Turn off the television and other devices.
  • Let your child know you enjoy the time together.
  • Make listening to reading a special time. Your child will sense when listening to reading is becoming boring for you.
  • Be a reader yourself.
  • Talk about what you are reading and why.
  • Give a book as a reward or a surprise.
  • Encourage your child to make use of the school and local libraries. 
Source: Kluzek and Coldwell, Kluwell, 2015: Creative Enthusiastic Readers