Levy Information

​Tuition F​ees

Annual fee rates will be set at the level required to allow the efficient operation of the school. All families who are able to pay fees, should pay the fees as set and advised annually. No child of a “practising Catholic family” will be excluded from Holy Spirit School on the grounds of inability to pay. The Parish Priest will be the sole judge of whether a family is truly a “practising Catholic family”.

It is expected that school fees will be paid by the due date. A due date for the payment of fees will be shown on each school fee account raised. On expiry of the due date, a school fees account for the new period will be forwarded which will highlight the amount overdue. If no suitable response to the above is received by the end of one month after the fees due date, the matter will be passed on to the Principal for consideration. All costs associated with debt collection will be passed onto the family concerned.

All tuition charges will be incorporated in the School Fee.

Buildin​​g Levy

Since January 1, 1998, Pine Rivers Parish has not provided a facility for tax deductible building fund donations. All families with children at the school will be required to make a contribution to the building and maintenance costs through school fees. As a compulsory charge, this is not eligible for tax deductibility.

​Technology Levy

This Levy pays for the schools Technology Resources.

Other Le​vies

Other Levies included in School Fees cover – Accident Insurance; Maintenance Levy ; Year Book

Payme​nt Options

Fees can be paid by cash, cheques, EFPTOS, credit card or direct debit.

A family experiencing difficulty with the payment of fees may seek concessions. Fee concessions will be determined on the basis of a just and equitable formula. Any reduction in fees granted must be evaluated in terms of the financial needs of the family concerned and their responsibility to the Parish which will have to make good the financial loss incurred. All families requesting assistance will be interviewed with a view to determining a just and equitable fee which is within their ability to pay. All special fee concession agreements become void at the end of the period for which they were negotiated. This necessitates a separate application and interview to obtain fee concessions for the following period. Families needing concessions should apply directly to the Parish Priest or through the School Principal. Concessions are not granted for accounts in arrears.