School Song

​​​​​​​One Heart, One Mind, One Holy Spi​rit 

By Andrew Chinn in consultation with the school community of Holy Spirit, Bray Park, QLD​

We are one heart, one mind, one Holy Spirit, Walking hand in hand, together in love With God in our minds, Jesus in hearts, in the Spirit of love, together as one

1. With a welc​​oming heart God has called us here, To be children of love, people of peace With Jesus in our hearts, the Spirit within Jesus is with us and we are with him

2. With God in our minds we are called to grow, Be all we can be, to learn and to know We are called to live and be the Good News In all that we say and all that we do

3. Together in the Spirit, together as one In God's Holy Spirit, we are all one Filled with the Spirit we are called to reach out Called to serve others, called to serve now!

© Andrew Chinn/Butterfly Music 2014​​