School Profile

Established in 1977, Holy Spirit School has been a cornerstone of Catholic education excellence in Pine Rivers. Over the years, we have consistently delivered a high-quality educational experience that goes beyond academics.

Our classroom learning not only emphasises proficiency in literacy and numeracy but all aspects of the Australian Curriculum.  Learners engage in contemporary learning supported by one-to-one iPads in all classrooms.  Expert educators, specialising in Music, Physical Education, Italian, and Visual Art, provide students with a well-rounded education.  Beyond the classroom, students engage in a variety of activities, including lunchtime clubs, such as the ever-popular Friendship Club, Choir and Coding in the library. Additionally, a wide array of sports and interschool opportunities are available, fostering physical fitness and teamwork.

The School Resource Centre stands as a hub of knowledge and learning.  This well-resourced facility provides access to a vast collection of books and resources to support high quality student learning. 

At Holy Spirit School, we are proud to uphold the Spiritan way of life, striving to embody the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in our daily interactions and all teaching and learning.  We are committed to fostering a nurturing environment that cultivates our values of Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Self-control, Love, Humility, and Gentleness in all students.

As a vibrant educational institution, Holy Spirit School continues to be a beacon of academic excellence, character development, and spiritual growth in Pine Rivers and beyond.​​​