Parents and Friends (P&F)

​​​​​The Parents & Friends Association and its sub-committees are a great way to meet others and work together to make our school ​​a better place. Our goal is to provide ways for parents and friends of the school to contribute to and participate in the educational experience of their children. 

Some of the things ​​we help out with include:

  • ​Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls
  • Working Bees to beautify the school grounds 
  • Trivia night
  • School Carnival
  • Book Fair
  • Sourcing grant funding for various educational resources and school facilities

We operate as a non-profit group supporting the school educators and staff.  Our funding is directed towards supporting various school projects​, facilities and resources. We are a forum for parents and friends to communicate and be represented, with the welfare of the school as a whole in mind. 

The best way to contact the P & F is via email: