Our parish is situated in the north-west region of Brisbane in the suburb of Bray Park.

The Parish was founded by the Spiritans, who are better known as the Holy Ghost Fathers, in 1974 by Fr. Tommie Crean C.S.Sp. Since that time it has been staffed by Spiritans.

The parish has a very active and faith filled community. It is a parish that strives to be very welcoming to all parishioners and visitors and is very conscious of including everybody that wishes to be a member of the parish.

Our main aim is to enhance the faith of the Christian community who believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is our God and Saviour and who has given us a way of life that gives meaning to our own existence in the world.

Through our worship of the Lord Jesus in the celebration of the Eucharist, we as a community strive to give praise, thanks and adoration to the one true God, in the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Our committed parishioners are involved in many ministries that reach out to the wider community that expresses the horizontal dimension of Church by loving not only God but also our neighbour as we love ourselves.

We hope that you will find and take to heart the “Good News” that our parish struggles to present to the world in the way our parishioners live their lives and worship the one true God.


Fr Msami

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